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Iniciative of solidarity with Euskal Herria

CUP and the association “Friends of Euskal Herria” launch a crowd founding project as an answer to the last operation by the police against the Basc country.


The Spanish police Guardia Civil arrested 16 people, 12 lawyers of the left wing abertzale among them. The operation was ordered by the judge Eloy Velasco of the Nacional Audience. The trade union base of LAB was ferreted about and nearly 90.000 euros were confiscated. These had been collected in the massive demonstration, held in Bilbo by Sare on the 10th January, which claimed for the most elemental human rights of the Basque political prisoners.

In the Catalan Countries, there have been different actions such as demonstrations and reports to show the disapproval for many arrests. Now though, further steps that go beyond the symbolic support are considered necessary. In this sense, solidarity should become commitment. That’s the reason why now, the CUP-AE and the association “Friends of Euskal Herria” want to collect the funds needed to pay for the 10th January demonstration in Bilbo with of a crow founding project named “From solidarity to commitment” by means of the platform “TotSuma”. The money needed
to pay the expenses of the infrastructure for the demonstration can not be paid now.

Moreover, money for the defence as well as the popular support are necessary for the recent arrests. Other expenses are also for the support of the national trade Unions in Euskal Herria bearing in mind that the base of LAB suffered material damage. Therefore, help of the people who understand the political situation in the Basc Country is needed not only to put an end to this kind of policial and politico-judicial actions but also against the harassment of the civil, political rights and trade unionism.

Last Saturday ,10th of January, about 80.000 people lit and released colorful lights which wove a solidarity net. Each light has been given a symbolic price of 10 cents, our minimal contribution. “Lititng these lights again and therefore collecting 8.000 euros, not forgeting though that the mobilization cost was much higher and this sum is not enough” as both associations state.

The money collected with this crowd founding project will be sent straight to the bank account opened in Euskal Herria by SARE for this purpose. For this reason, as the delivery of the money can’t be given individually, the associations in the Catalan Countries will be the places to collect the rewards.

If you wish to collaborate by giving materials for the rewards, don’t hesitate and write to

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