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Voice of Hong Kong
By Àngel Soro, lawyer, songwriter and cultural activist in the Terres de Ponent
By Àngel Soro, lawyer, songwriter and cultural activist in the Terres de Ponent (Catalan Countries) 24/09/2019
K. Yau is from Hong Kong and currently lives in Barcelona. In 2014, she witnessed the series of protests in her city. Now in 2019, Hong Kong is, once again under the world's attention after months of protests and repression. David against Goliath. Voice of Hong Kong in defiance. In recent weeks we have seen large-scaled protests in Hong Kong. Before entering into details, are the protests... 05/11/2015
A large part of Barça’s fans went to yesterday’s evening match between FC Barcelona and Bate Borisov to show again it’s opposition to the sanctions imposed to the club by UEFA for displaying independence flags.
1715 – 30 Catalan volunteers expel 300 Bourbon soldiers who tried to disembark in the port of Manacor
HISTORY 07/04/2015
30 Catalan (from Manacor) volunteers expel 300 Bourbon soldiers who tried to disembark in the port of Manacor
1925 saw the first famous whistle of Spain’s anthem from Barcelona’s fans. The whistles of the anthem repeated in the King’s Cup finals of 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2014, and this year 2015 will be the first massive whistle of King Philip VI.
The major Hollywood producers offer only 8% of their films in Catalan
The Platform for the Language, in occasion of the celebration of the 2015 Oscars, has launched a new video to raise awareness of the marginalization suffered by the Catalan language by the major Hollywood producers. Only an 8% of the 262 films released by the subsidiaries of the 6 major American...
A few days ago an article reminded that Casellas is who invented the famous slogan
Open primary elections in Gràcia for CUP-Capgirem Barcelona list
MUNICIPALS 2015 16/02/2015
For the first time in Gràcia a candidature holds open primaries. In this case, to choose the persons that will represent the project CUP-Capgirem Barcelon that started at the TPM
AVM3J 16/02/2015
AVM3J held the 100th concentration in order to denounce the fact that the FGV had the right measures that could have prevented the accident “but didn’t use”. They also accused the Generalitat Valencia saying that “their silence makes them accomplice.”
CUP BARCELONA 10/02/2015
“It’s not about creating electoral nodes in the districts, but to strengthen the associations of those and promote a common vision, at city level, that inspires us”
The organizations that take part in the plan “for the rift” will organize different Open Assemblies in the local communities so as to debate the election proposal and the Roadmap as well as the process of the election of the name and the people who will be in the candidature
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