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CUP-Capgirem Barcelona is presented as a separation candidature for the City Council

“It’s not about creating electoral nodes in the districts, but to strengthen the associations of those and promote a common vision, at city level, that inspires us”


The name of the separation candidature was presented at Barcelona’s City Council, CUP-Capgirem Barcelona. The choice of the name was the result of a participatory process open to residents of Barcelona with more than 1400 casted votes and governed by the identifying principles of the separation from the model of the last 30 years of Barcelona’s City Council.

We got here through a space of convergence of people from different areas, agents and political and social struggles, that have been found I various Municipal Popular Meetings (TPM). At the last one, it was decided to deepen the articulation of a political separation in Barcelona and begin a process of incorporation as a municipal candidature, under the identifying principles of the separation, already approved in previous meetings.

List and program

Following the deliberative assembly’s methodology of active participation and empowerment, during the month of February, the candidature will promote open assemblies in neighbourhoods and districts to decide the electoral list and the program at a local level.

The proposal of the list’s preparation has been done under criteria such gender equality, group project of representative persons from the districts and not presentation to the list, but proposal, and if the candidate is accepted, has to agree and accept the code of ethics, the principals of political intervention and the politic program emerged from the Municipal Popular Meetings (TPM).

The lists are made through a process of open deliberative assemblies, where 5 persons will be chosen to head the list, 20 heads for the district list (whom will compete for the district councillor position), 15 persons representing the different struggles and 3 symbolic representatives.

It will be during the 4th Municipal Popular Meeting, held on February 28, when it will be decided the order of the persons nominated to head the list and the rectification of the electoral list from the open assemblies and working groups of the programed priorities. There will also be presented for validation the municipal and districts political program, the announcement of theme days for redressing the city, the organizational structure of the candidacy and the final ratification of the code of ethics.

CUP-Capgirem Barcelona bid aims to promote a municipal project that works for the districts (and their people) and not the other way around. “A process that has no intention of replicating existing spaces, on the contrary, it’s also an exercise of recognition of all those spaces which, in the current social, political and economic context, also share the need and desire to promote a convergence of movements, struggles and unorganized citizens. It’s not about creating electoral nodes in the districts, but to strengthen the associations of those and promote a common vision, at city level, that inspires us to work together to redress Barcelona” have pointed at the press conference the spokesmen of the candidature.

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