100 concentrations asking for justice for the underground victims in Valencia

AVM3J held the 100th concentration in order to denounce the fact that the FGV had the right measures that could have prevented the accident “but didn’t use”. They also accused the Generalitat Valencia saying that “their silence makes them accomplice.”

16/02/2015 Freedom.cat

More than 4 years ago, in October 2010, Aberto Fabra, just elected as president of the Generalitat, and the Consellera Isabel Bonig, had a meeting with the AVM3J. This fact was the fist mentioned in the speech held by the representative members of the AVM3J (Association of the Underground Victims of the 3rd July) in the Mare de Déu Square in Valencia. These reported that the only answers received by the present Council have been “lies and more lies”.

The concentration has been accompanied by the music of the drums and “dolçaina” which made people quiver during the 5 minutes of silence. Moreover, there have been two exceptional facts that supported the act: a group of runners headed by Pedro Díaz ran 100 km. This is part of the action “100 km, 100 concentrations”. Many of the participants were citizens who want to express their solidarity with the relatives of the 43 victims in the tragic accident.

Some of the things said during the reading of the manifesto were: “We explained that the Parliamentary Commission was not objective, that the Popular Group didn’t allow all the documents were studied nor the suggested people by the other groups taken into account, thus the only considered information was the one given by the Popular Party (Partit Popular). Also, that it was the shortest in the history of the Corts, only 5 days of research, and that the people appearing before the court who didn’t belong to the FGV only based their opinion on the information given in the
press”……”Still, they stated that the commission was correct”.

Later, as the members of the AVM3J reminded “we knew that the report made by the HM&SANCHIS was an assignment by Marisa Gracia, with the questions that the Popular Group would ask as well as the answers that the Ferrocarrils de la
Generalitat technicians and managers should answer. Still, both Alberto Fabra and Isabel Bonig repeated the Commission was correct”…

The manifesto continued “ even after knowing the FGV hid the results got in the Occupational Hazards Audit in 2006, which said that the FGV didn’t act according to the legislation, and that Vicente Contreras, Explotation Manager of the FGV, hid another report that stated the train involved in the accident had obsolete technology, replacement pieces being difficult to find.”

“The fact that the court expert lied was not important for them either. He said that train hadn’t derailed before. Luis Domingo Apeluz, Head of the Taller Valencia Sud, also lied when he said that the black box could only be read from the Valencia Sud offices and that the data was removed after being read” but these lies were again ignored. That’s why the AVMeJ stated these were “lies and more lies”.

The reading of the manifesto finished by criticizing the fact president Fabra and Consellera Bonig were happy to say they had collaborated with Justice, “another lie” said the AVM3J, “because if one is silent and doesn’t sanction these acts, this is not collaboration with justice. Silence becomes accomplice. How long will this last?”